Your Tools, Gone in 30 Seconds?

Calling all contractors: how an €39 skeleton key could see the loss of your tools

Ford Transit tools image by Ed Aldridge (via Shutterstock).

Stand by your van: a €39 skeleton key could see the end of your tools – or your van. Image by Ed Aldridge (via Shutterstock).

Where would an electrician or plumber be without a van to call their own? Whether your choice of van is a sleek Mercedes Sprinter or an ageing Ford Transit, it a useful workhorse. In many cases, a safe place for leaving your tools whilst on site. Sometimes, the peace can be disturbed if your worldly goods go walkabouts. What’s worse is the possibility they could be stolen, without a dent to your van.

How is that possible? From Amazon, a skeleton key, known as a Tibbe key, is readily available. This is the sort of item that should only be sold to locksmiths, like us at JR Security Devices. It is claimed that Tibbe keys have been used by thieves to break into vans, without a trace to affected vehicles. More than most, this has affected Ford and Jaguar vans and cars.

On the other hand, their open sale on Jeff Bezos’ online enterprise could be useful for contractors. It has been quoted by one website as being “[one of] the top 5 lock picking tools EVER in terms of how effective it is.” Proving this point in a Daily Mirror article, Ady Handley (49), from Leicester, opened a van in 30 seconds flat. Without expert level lockpicking skills.

Ady Handley said: “This was my first attempt and it took me under 30 seconds, and I’m no locksmith. If you started doing this regularly, it could only take 10 seconds to open each van, it’s worrying really.” Here’s a video clip to prove this point further.

To avoid the above eventuality, we recommend having a deadlock on your van. Whether your van supports the Tibbe locks or not, it is a good insurance policy against theft. Here at JR Security Devices our Dublin Locksmiths are happy to help.

JR Security Devices, 10 August 2017.