Safe Crack Reveals Two Tapes and a Receipt

How a safe crack in Georgia revealed an underwhelming hoard

Tape dictaphone image by Artashes Ogandzhanyan (via Shutterstock).

Was it worth the hassle? two dictaphone tapes, a receipt, and a few coins were found in the safe. Image by Artashes Ogandzhanyan (via Shutterstock).

As locksmiths, we are partial to the odd safe cracking clip or two. Firstly, we wonder how they get into the thing itself. Secondly, they pander to our curiosity. We, like children on Christmas Day, always wonder what’s inside the safe itself, whether there’s something valuable or pure tat. In Tindall Heights, Macon, Georgia, a recent safe crack gripped the people of Macon. The safe crack was performed after its discovery on a demolished housing estate.

With the safe reputed to be a handmade one from the 1800s, there was potential for an interesting hoard. Here’s a video of the safe crack itself:

On opening the safe, bystanders couldn’t contain their excitement. The devil in the detail was quite mundane. Instead, they found a receipt from the Frank Irby Plumbing Company dating from 1992. Of similar vintage was a couple of mini cassette tapes. They were designed for Dictaphones and telephone answering machines.

Here’s what Eric Mock, a reporter for WGXA said on Twitter:

We share their disappointment. Especially with the hoard which turned out to be an underwhelming one at that. If there’s one consolation, you can still buy cassette based dictaphones today (though digital methods are more popular). We doubt as if there will be any Elvis or The Pet Shop Boys on them, just a few conversations.

Believe it or not, the Frank Irby Plumbing Company is still in business and based in Macon today. It is owned by Tater Tidwell and has been trading since 1926.

JR Security Devices, 20 July 2017.