Patlock Post-Dragon’s Den Boost

How Patlock and Dragon’s Den triggered a sales boost for Craig Knott’s French Door lock

Patlock Required. Image by PlusONE (via Shutterstock).

These sets of double doors could benefit from a Patlock: Craig Knott’s Patlock aims to do to double doors what window locks have done for windows. Image by PlusONE (via Shutterstock).

Sometimes, inventing the most simplest of ‘must-have’ devices can be a pathway to future riches. This is applicable to Craig Knott’s Patlock device. The brand name is a play on words on padlock, with the ‘d’ substituted for a ‘t’ to denote its intended use. The trigger for his invention was his experience of an attempted burglary in 2009. At his home in Bradford, the burglars tried to break in through the patio doors.

Unlike a conventional padlock, no chain is required. It is a steel loop with plastic wings on either side, similar to a climber’s crampons though thicker. The loop is placed over the French doors’ levers. The Patlock has been in production since 2014, and available for sale in branches of Argos, B&Q, Homebase, and Screwfix. They retail for £48 (or £43.55 on Amazon – equivalent to €49.85) and also act as a visual deterrent to potential thieves.

Post-Dragon’s Den

Thanks to BBC Two’s popular programme, Patlock sales rose dramatically. Though he didn’t get any funding from the Dragons, visits to his website soared one hundredfold: from 200 daily hits to 20,000 hits a day. He has now received orders from across Europe. Also the United States, Japan, and New Zealand.

For your very eyes, here’s a YouTube clip of the Patlock commercial, which also gives you an idea of how it works.

JR Security Devices, 13 March 2017.