The Nestie Awards: Funny Home CCTV Videos

You’ve been framed by home CCTV – thanks to the Nestie Awards

Nestie Awards daft dog. Image by Ipek Morel (via Shutterstock).

Yes, we do have dogs rolling about in our selection of clips. Image by Ipek Morel (via Shutterstock).

If you fritter the best part of your spare time watching daft YouTube clips, our latest blog post is for you. Only weeks after La La Land swept the board in the Oscars, we at JR Security Devices have gone to Ha Ha Land. Though home CCTV cameras fulfil their core use in home security, they can also be a source of mirth. This has been realised by our friends at Nest, the home security and automation company. Thanks to its contributors, they have come up with The Nestie Awards.

The Nestie Awards is in its second year, and celebrates The Rule of Unintended Consequences. At least with home CCTV equipment that is. Nest have been going since 2010, when they were founded in Palo Alto, California. Their European offices aren’t a million miles away from us in Dublin and it’s a bus ride or two away.

In their awards ceremony, the Nestie Awards include categories for the Best Choreography, Best Kiss, and The Best Dog in a Lead Role. Make no bones about it, Nest really do love their dog clips. Perhaps on the odd business trip to London they might have caught an episode of Puppies Make You Laugh or You’ve Been Framed!

We hope you enjoy this selection of clips. From the Nestie Awards blog post on the Nest website, you can watch every clip individually. The Daily Mail has added them to one video with almost five minutes worth of clips.

JR Security Devices, 15 March 2017.