Locksmiths in Tallaght

We areĀ one of the finest and most professional locksmiths Tallaght wide! Whatever your security concern our trained locksmiths and safe engineers can help you out.

Home to the Institute of Technology, Tallaght has been a proud home of our locksmith services since our company was first established. We have seen many regular customers come and go through this quiet and secluded village in South Dublin.

The village area of Tallaght, dating from at least the 17th century, held one of the earliest settlements known in the southern part of the island, and one of medieval Ireland’s more important monastic centers.

We offer general & 24-hour emergency locksmith services in this area, as it’s where our store is based! We have a long-standing history of helping local residents with whatever their security concern is and most if not all were satisfied with our professionalism and the workmanship of our employees.