How a Locksmith Found a Mummified Body

When locksmiths entered a flat on Waterloo Road, Ballsbridge, they were astounded to find a mummified body

Sometimes, a locksmith’s lot isn’t always a happy one. Besides getting people out of cars and letting in stranded families, its role can be gristly at times. It may involve tracing deceased relatives. A few minutes away from our doorstep, this happened to the Rowand family in Ballsbridge. After being untraced for a year, locksmiths found the mummified body of Ian Rowand. The case also made the Irish Times, the Irish Mirror, and numerous other newspapers in and around Dublin.

Before his untimely death in late 2013 to early 2014, Ian was the life and soul of the Dublin Trout Anglers’ Association. The Dublin Trout Anglers’ Association was formed on the 01 November 1929, shortly after the Depression. They fished in the Upper Liffey and the Kings Rivers. The former engineer had split from his wife of 12 years. For eight years, they hadn’t spoken to each other.

Waterloo Road location map (where the mummified body of Mr. Rowand was found by locksmiths).

Map courtesy of Google Maps.

From 2013 to 2015, Mary Rowand had been contacted by the gardaí over her husband’s unpaid fines. Shortly after the split, Ian moved to a basement flat on Waterloo Road, Ballsbridge. They had tried to contact him without success. By the time locksmiths had entered him, the body had been mummified.

The remains of his mummified body were found in his bedroom. Carrying out an autopsy was tricky for Dr Linda Mulligan. Therefore, an open verdict was given at Dublin Coroners’ Court. There was no signs of trauma, nor any definite diseases which caused his death.

A lasting legacy

Ian Rowand isn’t only survived by his relatives. In 2015, the Dublin Trout Anglers’ Association agreed to have a new trophy in his memory. Donated by his widow, Geraldine Rowand, The Ian Rowand Perpetual Trophy is awarded to anglers who had the best catch. She also asked if Ian’s ashes could be spread in Lough Conn, County Mayo. The Lough Conn anglers agreed.

Lough Conn, County Mayo (image by walshphotos via Shutterstock).

Final Resting Place: in 2015, the Dublin Trout Anglers’ Association agreed to spread his ashes in Lough Conn, County Mayo. Image by walshphotos (via Shutterstock).

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