Introducing the MAIA System

How ADT’s MAIA system – similarly shaped to its burglar alarms – has been designed to stop petty pilfering

MAIA missing biscuits image by Kitch Bain (via Shutterstock).

“I’m sure there were 36 biscuits in that tin last night”: the MAIA system has been designed to stop biscuit snafflers – petty pilferers in their words. Image by Kitch Bain (via Shutterstock).

Seriously. Yes, seriously, we thought this was a joke for April Fool’s Day, but our friends at ADT have brought out a mini burglar alarm for the prevention of petty pilferers. Know as MAIA, it isn’t designed to deter burglars from your home. It is designed to stop anyone who nicks your biscuits, milk, lunch, or socks.

The MAIA system, also known as the Motion Activated Identification Alarm, is modelled on the standard ADT burglar alarm. They are a smaller version of the company’s iconic alarms and come with velcro attachments. It is designed to fit on your refrigerator, biscuit tin, or milk bottle. When the biscuit tin or fridge door is open, you will be alerted to the fact that one of your biscuits have gone missing. Or that somebody has had a cheeky sip of your tomato juice.

Like today’s 21st century security devices, MAIA comes with a (wait for it!) smartphone app. Just download the app to pair your alarm with an iOS or Android compatible smartphone. Then, if somebody’s about to raid the biscuit tin, you will be alerted. The alarm takes a photograph of the miscreant and sends it to your smartphone.

If you’ve been wowed by the charms of MAIA, there has only been a limited production run. For the time being, the Motion Activated Identification Alarm is only in the concept stages. A small number were given away as prizes on their Facebook page.

Could this be the ‘must-have’ toy for Christmas 2017? Here’s a YouTube clip starring MAIA.

JR Security Devices, 07 April 2017.