Home security – it’s the thought that counts

Little things mean a lot

CCTV Flare post imageThere’s no need to create grand designs when it comes to securing your home. With a few easily acquired items, knowledge of your property’s potentially vulnerable aspects, and a little advice from the leading locksmiths in Dublin, you can ensure that it will look like an unwelcoming prospect to burglars without losing its curb appeal to friends and neighbours. We stimulate the little grey cells…

Now you see it, now you don’t

Visibility – that’s one key to security. It’s what’s visible and what’s not that matters, so:

No show

  • Make the front of your house as visible as possible to deter burglars – keep hedges and trees well trimmed.
  • Let your light shine – security lights that is, strategically placed and triggered by sensors during night hours.
  • Padlocks of high security specification on gates, doors and sheds, burglar alarms on the outside of the house – feel free to show them off too.
  • Any items that might indicate there’s someone at home – a vehicle on the driveway, for instance, or washing outside on a line.

What you hide is equally important so:

Just nipping out? Lock up before you go

  • Nothing should be visible or accessible that might encourage, or even be of use to a burglar – keep garden and other tools well hidden and securely locked away, with ladders inaccessible.
  • Your valuables should not be on display – the more valuable an item is to you, the more important it is that it is safely secured. Yes, that might be literally in a safe.
  • Never leave any keys anywhere they can be seen or accessed.

Cartoons have a lot to answer for. Readily identifiable burglars with masks, stripy sweaters and swag bags who only enter the home by moonlight might be a comic standard but the real thing is much more sinister and very much more opportunist. Therefore, don’t give them the opportunity.

Help is at hand

  • Always lock up securely, even if you’re just popping out “for a minute”. Remember those times when that’s what you intended only to find yourself delayed? So lock up, however briefly you think you’ll be away.
  • That includes locking your windows – take all keys with you.
  • If you’re out in the garden at the back of the house, make sure the front of the house is properly secured.

Hopefully this will give you the confidence to make some little changes that will make a big difference to the security of your home. Sometimes, though, you might feel that there is a particular aspect of your home that offers a bit more of a security challenge – a flat roof, or secluded side return for instance. In that case you can find help and assistance from JR Security Devices, locksmiths in Dublin, for break in repairs, car opening services and safe engineers as well as for the more complex security issues.