Home Security: Stay Safe This Summer

Some common sense home security advice from JR Security Devices

Home Security image by Beeboys (via Shutterstock).

Image by Beeboys (via Shutterstock).

It is getting close to the holiday season. For many people, this is also the time when we beef up our home security. For example, when we cancel our newspapers or milk; or let another relative mind our house. Insecure doors and windows are a principal cause of burglaries, so right now, it is best to be safe rather than sorry.

We at JR Security Devices have a dozen home security tips for your perusal. Much of them require little outlay. Some of the items stated can be purchased from our shop in Tallaght.

Locking up

  1. Before you leave, all windows and doors should be locked. Please remember to remove any keys from the locks.
  2. Whilst at home or in the garden, don’t forget to lock your front door.
  3. If part of your house has a flat roof below a first or second floor, add window locks to your upstairs windows. Failure to do so helps burglars trying to break into your home.
  4. If you have a back gate, add a padlock. Especially one that is no less than CEN 3-4 security grade, or a five lever lock.

Lighting your way

  1. Add timer switches to your home. Whilst on holiday, this method of home security switches the lights on and off at your usual times.
  2. Add ‘dusk to dawn’ sensor security lighting.
  3. Get a visible burglar alarm fitted to your home.
  4. If you have a front garden, make sure that all hedges and shrubs are no taller than one metre.
Beating the burglars
  1. Keep valuables, jewellery, cash, and passports in a safe.
  2. Never leave spare keys hanging about in open view.
  3. Keep wheelie bins and dustbins away from walls: burglars could use them as a platform to get to your home.
  4. Never leave garden tools or any other equipment, which could be used by burglars, hanging about in your garden or backyard.

JR Security Devices, 08 June 2017.