Half of Internet of Things Devices Hackable

50% of Internet of Things devices vulnerable to hack attack in Which? Magazine tests

Internet Of Things image by Jozsef Bagota (via Shutterstock).

Beware: Internet Of Things devices can be prone to hackers, a profound issue with smart security devices. Image by Jozsef Bagota (via Shutterstock).

If you are considering the idea of buying an Internet of Things based security system, consider this sobering thought. According to a Which? Magazine survey involving fifteen IoT devices, one in two of the devices can be hacked easily.

Eight devices were vulnerable to hacking via Bluetooth, internet, and WiFi connections. Of the Internet of Things products covered, this included toys, controlled by smartphone apps. With a CloudPets toy, ethical hackers added their own messages to the toy.

Imagine if you bought one of these smart locks and smart padlocks. How would you know if the Internet of Things system is safe from hackers? If you’re considering an IoT based security system, never skimp on the brands.

Ultimately (at this moment), there is no substitute for manual locks and traditional padlocks. Hackers from a great distance cannot unlock your shed doors unless they found your keys. If you really do want a state-of-the-art IoT based system, tread carefully and do your homework.

JR Security Devices, 26 June 2017.