Flare: BuddyGuard’s AI CCTV System

How Flare aims to revolutionise home-based closed-circuit television systems

CCTV Flare post image

In the last 40 years, closed-circuit television technology has come up in leaps and bounds. CCTV footage has picture quality akin to the average digital television receiver. There is no need for a library of VHS tapes thanks to hard drives and solid state storage. Thanks to BuddyGuard’s Flare, closed-circuit television has got smarter.

The German tech-based startup has created Flare as an intelligent solution for digital CCTV systems. It is one of the first to use artificial intelligence. Its artificial intelligence is used for face and speech recognition (through AudioIntel), detecting movement, and geolocation. If you’re inviting an important visitor to the house, Flare’s PrivacyGuard will switch the camera off for you. It is also pet-friendly. The picture quality is as clear as a normal digital television (the resolution is HD 1080i).

AudioIntel and BuddyReact

Two main tenets of BuddyGuard’s Flare system are its facial and aural recognition features. AudioIntel recognises speech patterns and detects suspicious sounds. If a suspicious sound is detected, all other sounds are filtered out by Flare and recorded. With BuddyReact, its AI-based motion detection recognises the difference between strange visitors and family members. Again, any suspicious movements are recorded.

Via a paired smartphone and WiFi-based internet connection, the CCTV system will notify you on your device. Both audio and visual files are saved and uploaded to a cloud-based server. With BuddyReact, Flare could send for the police.

Other Goodies

If in the unlikely event that your router loses its connection, BuddySIM will offer an embedded SIM card based backup system. The embedded LTE SIM backup system will connect to the nearest mobile network.

There is also BuddyCall, where the system can telephone you or send you a text message. BuddyCloud is an upgrade to the cloud storage space you are given on purchasing a Flare system.

Technical Specifications

  • High Definition 1080i pictures;
  • 130° wide angle lens;
  • Infrared LED night vision;
  • 1.2 GHz Dual Core processor, ARM Cortex A9;
  • 2.4 GHz WiFi, Bluetooth, and 4G LTE SIM backup.


  • WiFi internet access;
  • A iOS or Android smartphone;
  • A wall socket.

When Can I Get One?

Sadly, you need to wait awhile till they start shipping to the Republic of Ireland. The extras, such as the BuddyReact system will arrive later. For further details on the Flare system, visit the BuddyGuard website. The basic system is priced at €399 ($380 in the US, £349 in the UK). Chargeable extras range from €5 to €15 per month.

We think BuddyGuard’s system has the makings of a success story, and we wish them well in the development of their state-of-the-art device.

JR Security Devices, 08 September 2016