The Five Second Safe Crack

If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful safe for the home, we urge you to pass on the Open Sentry model

Budget safe image by Jannoon028 (via Shutterstock).

Beware of any safe costing less than €50: they could be opened in seconds. Image by Jannoon028 (via Shutterstock).

We at JR Security Devices specialise in the non-destructive opening and repair of safes, whether for home or business. In our time, we have come across many a safe of varying complexities. If you’re looking for one yourself, take heed the following words:

Avoid the supermarket.

According to Canadian locksmith, Terry Whin-Yates, he says that any safes from superstore chains are ‘crap’ to say the least.


Crap because they can be opened in seconds. If you’re tempted to buy a safe from Argos or similar multiple store chains, we agree with the locksmith too. Stick with us. Here’s living proof, thanks to this video by Mr Locksmith, seen below.

“…So, anything you buy in Home Depot… any safe, in Walmart, Costco… Staples, Canadian Tire, it’s all crap! We can open them in less than ten seconds [some of them]…”Terry Whin-Yates

In the above clip, Terry Whin-Yates opens the budget priced safe with a rare earth magnet and a sock. Since the clip was posted to YouTube, the Open Sentry safe was the subject of a product recall. We see a second model.

Both the recalled and the non-recalled safes took seconds to open. Here’s further proof from the Mr Locksmith YouTube channel.

Avoid, avoid, AVOID the Open Sentry models. We mean it. Better still, turn to us for a proper one. It is always worth paying that little bit extra for peace of mind. One that is fitted by someone who knows a thing or two about safes. Like our locksmiths in Dublin at JR Security Devices.

JR Security Devices, 06 July 2017.