Does the D in D-Link Mean Dodgy Security?

FTC sues D-Link over inadequate procedures on internet-connected security devices

D-Link security background by Alexander Yakimov (via Shutterstock).

Can I have an IP address please, Bob? D-Link’s security system has been the subject of litigation by the FTC. Image by Alexander Yakimov (via Shutterstock).

Internet-connected security devices are a big thing in most homes. They are popular owing to the fact you can check for intruders on your smartphone. Even at great distances. D-Link is one of the world’s best-known manufacturers and designers of internet-connected security devices. This week, JR Security Devices have learned about a ruling that could damage their reputation.

The Taiwanese network equipment manufacturers and designers are the subject of a lawsuit by the FTC. With D-Link security devices being used by households all over the world, the Federal Trade Commission’s findings may be a shock. Prone to hacking attacks are the following vulnerabilities:

  • The integration of hard-coded login credentials into D-Link’s camera software;
  • Command injection flaws that allow remote attackers to take over customers’ routers;
  • Mishandled private key codes, that are openly available on a public website for six months;
  • Login credentials on mobile apps that can be seen on mobile devices in clear, readable text.

Its vulnerabilities could see Network Attached Storage devices and Internet of Things products hacked into by fraudsters. Instead of being a form of crime prevention, they could be an accessory to crime if placed in the wrong hands. Jessica Rich, the director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection said the case could be the first of many.

Could this be a Volkswagen diesel emissions moment for our IP connected CCTV cameras? The plot thickens. Further to the FTC’s D-Link legal action, Jessica Rich added that:

“Hackers are increasingly targeting consumer routers and IP cameras – and the consequences for consumers can include device compromise and exposure of their sensitive personal information. When manufacturers tell consumers that their equipment is secure, it’s critical that they take the necessary steps to make sure that’s true.”

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JR Security Devices, 10 January 2017.