Coming Soon: The Ring Floodlight Cam

How the Ring Floodlight Cam aims to revolutionise home CCTV systems

Not the Ring Floodlight Cam, another one by MNI (via Shutterstock).

Not quite the Ring Floodlight Cam, but a close up a CCTV camera image by MNI (via Shutterstock).

At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, there was one security device that turned a few heads. Wowing visitors was the Ring Floodlight Cam. Looking a bit like ET with its twin floodlights, it is a motion activated CCTV camera with a difference. Available in black or white from April this year, it aims to revolutionise home CCTV systems. This YouTube clip via CNET shows you how it works.

The twin floodlights replace the need for a separate system with sound, vision and motion recorded in an integrated package.

High definition sound and vision

As is commonplace with today’s CCTV systems, the Ring Floodlight Cam has high definition picture quality. The two-way system not only records the footsteps of possible intruders. You can speak to callers through the system, whether you’re at home or not. The all-important smartphone app (compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices) enables you to do just that.

Whilst at home, or on a laptop some distance away, the Ring Floodlight Cam app works on MacOS and Windows 10 operating systems. With Ring’s revolutionary technology, there is no hiding place for intruders. Yes, Big Brother could be watching you from a DART train bound for Dublin city centre.

When the alarm is raised, 110 decibels of squealing alarm will blast towards the intruder’s earlobes in no time. Which is the equivalent sound level of a rock band in concert.

In the UK, the Ring Floodlight Cam will set you back £229 including 20% VAT. Prices for the Republic of Ireland have yet to be announced so at this time of writing, it is equivalent to €268.42. For further information on the Ring product, go to their website which is

JR Security Devices, 27 January 2017.