Logitech’s Circle 2: Home CCTV for All

Why Logitech’s home CCTV system does what it says on the tin

Home CCTV article Webcams image by ESB Basic (via Shutterstock).

Logitech are best known for their webcams and other computer peripherals. Their Circle and Circle 2 home CCTV cameras share similar aesthetics. Image by ESB Basic (via Shutterstock).

Home CCTV, partly due to its expense and complexity, has put off some households from installing a system. There could be a solution to this problem with Logitech’s Circle 2 security system. Many of you would have come across their peripherals, especially their webcams (which the Circle 2 cameras resemble).

The Circle 2 home CCTV system aims to do to home security systems what the Kodak Brownie box camera did to stills photography. Logitech’s watch words – like Kodak’s Brownie cameras 117 years ago – are ease of use. A case of “you press the button, we do the rest” – via smartphone, and Logitech’s Logi Circle app. The Logi Circle app works on iOS and Android devices.

Wired and wireless models will be available. The home CCTV camera will stream at 1080p resolution (equal to high definition television pictures). Twenty-four hours of free cloud storage will be available, though upgrades are available for an extra cost. A video clip, seen below, shows you how Circle 2 works its magic.

Orders are being taken with products being shipped in July. Expect to see Circle 2 cameras in the shops by autumn this year. For more information, visit the Logitech website, their blog or follow them on Twitter.

A single wired Circle 2 camera will set you back €194.40 with wireless models priced at €228.71. Add-ons include plug mounts and window mounts (both €40.01), a weatherproof extension (€29.72), and a rechargeable battery (€59.46).

JR Security Devices, 16 June 2017.