Choosing a Bluetooth Padlock

How a Bluetooth padlock could save you from trying to find the keys

Bluetooth Padlock image

Bluetooth padlock Images by Web Icon and VectorForever (via Shutterstock).

Trying to find the keys on the eve of bin collection day can be a big problem. One almost as big as knowing which colour bins need to be put out. You get to the gate, take two of the bins out, and lock up. Half an hour later, you realised that tomorrow is also brown bin week – food waste. You return to the gate then realise you have mislaid the keys. You think to yourself, “I wonder what a Bluetooth padlock is like?”

Alongside television, radio, and cameras, padlocks are taking the digital route. This time, thanks to the wonders of Bluetooth, a Bluetooth Padlock means one thing: no lost keys. Your smartphone becomes the bunch of keys you would otherwise keep in the kitchen drawer. An external app allows you to control passcodes and allow access to certain people.

For Indoor Purposes

Bluetooth padlocks come into their own for the storage of important documents or valuable goods. They are useful for stopping dangerous items from getting into the wrong hands.

For Travel

If you are travelling, a Bluetooth padlock is a suitable alternative to standard padlocks for securing your luggage. One example is the Dog & Bone LockSmart luggage lock.

For Outdoor Use

For your shed, trunk, or garage, a Bluetooth padlock is a viable alternative to ‘bog-standard’ ones. Without a doubt, a most effective use of the smartphone for gardening, or for parking your car. Better still, none of this “where’s my keys” related palaver.

Where can I buy one?

The main three manufacturers and developers of Bluetooth padlocks are Noke, Master Lock and Dog & Bone. Noke’s padlocks are widely available via Amazon and Currys selling for €89.99. The Dog & Bone LockSmart Bluetooth padlock sets you back €80.37.

Master Lock has two varieties: one for indoor and one for outdoor use. The Bluetooth Smart 4401DLH is designed for the latter, priced at €79.52. Their indoor Bluetooth padlock, the Smart 4400D is priced at €62.54.

Why buy a Bluetooth padlock?

Firstly, no combinations to remember. We have enough passwords and PIN numbers to memorise in our online lives. Secondly, the use of mobile apps gives you more control over access. Thirdly, no more keys: what is their not to like? The only thing we have to worry about is losing our smartphone.

As for the bins? Well, instead of trying to find the key, we use our smartphone. A lot easier, especially in winter when the locks are stiff. Plus it is easier to lose a small key than a mobile phone several times the size of a key.

JR Security Devices, 02 August 2016