Changing Your Cylinder Locks: Infographic

Why changing your cylinder locks matter

Cylinder locks image by Asadykov (via Shutterstock).

Simple yet effective: before you move house, changing the cylinder locks is quicker than changing an entire lock. Image by Asadykov (via Shutterstock).

Cylinder locks are easy to change. Instead of having to get an entire lock changed, all you need to do is change the cylindrical component of your lock. If you’re moving house or wish to deny access to certain people, changing the lock means one thing: he or she won’t be able to use the previous set of keys.

You can either fit one yourself, or let JR Security Devices fit one for you.

To round off this post, we have a nice little infographic, courtesy of Yale. It explains the importance of changing your cylindrical locks. As detailed below, 22% of people do not trust their neighbours with their house keys. 5% of people leave a copy of their house keys with tradespeople.

What’s more, these changes to your lock take minutes to do. Literally minutes, to stop intruders entering your home with a spare set of house keys.

If you wish to share the infographic, don’t forget to credit our friends at Yale for the artwork. Here’s the link to the page where the infographic came from. Enjoy and share.

Yale Infographic on Cylinder Locks

JR Security Devices, 04 May 2017.