Benjilock: The First Fingerprint Padlock

How Robbie Cabral’s Benjilock wowed the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show

Benjilock fingerprint image by Showcake (via Shutterstock).

The power of fingerprints: Benjilock offers a comfortable hybrid between biometrics and traditional locks. Image by Showcake (via Shutterstock).

In our previous blog post, we looked at how biometric profiling could be used to pay for train fares in the UK. Over the last month, we have learned about another use of biometrics. Enter the Benjilock, the world’s first fingerprint controlled padlock. Created by Robbie Cabral, it wowed delegates at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

With an integrated fingerprint reader, Benjilock has an enviable accuracy rate. It picked up CES’s most coveted title, The Edison Award. You can either use a key, or train the padlock to recognise up to four fingerprints. This video (seen below) features the lock and its inventor, Robbie Cabral.

With the mixture of a traditional padlock and fingerprint authentication, you have a backup system if the latter fails. Robbie Cabral’s invention could be a ‘must have’ item for households and small businesses. It is due to hit the shelves by September 2017 with a choice of colours available.

Benjilock’s launch price will be $49.99 (€46.82). It is also weather resistant and comes with a rechargeable battery, and it takes a mere second to open the padlock. It is also weather resistant and comes with a rechargeable battery. We wouldn’t mind one ourselves.

JR Security Devices, 09 February 2017.