Avoiding Burglaries in the Home

How to avoid burglaries whilst your house is unoccupied

Home burglaries image by Photographee.eu (via Shutterstock).

The last thing any household would like to see, after their house has been unoccupied. Image by Photographee.eu (via Shutterstock).

Burglaries could strike at any time of the day. It is assumed by many people that most of them occur after dusk, usually whilst we are asleep. If your home lacks the latest security equipment or – first and foremost – effective locks, it is a target for thieves in the daytime as well as night time.

In addition to fitting more effective locks, there are other ways of preventing burglaries in your home. These tips require little or no expense, nor specialist equipment. Some of them are pretty low-tech and straightforward.

JR Security Devices’ top crime fighting tips

  1. Never show your expensive items in full view of passersby. You may be proud of your 54” flat screen television with 4K resolution and surround sound, but a thief might fancy one. Place them away from the window or cover them within a suitable unit.
  2. As thieves love unoccupied properties, give them the impression somebody’s in all the time. Do this by leaving the lights on before you go out. The strains of Today FM also helps (in other words, leave a radio on in the front room); our thief will think “Oh it’s on”, and moves along.
  3. Let a trusted neighbour keep an eye on your property whilst you’ve gone out. Whether you’re nipping to the shops or catching a DART to work, safety comes in numbers.
  4. Keep all keys of any description away from your letterbox. How many burglaries have been caused by placing your house keys near the letterbox? Moving them to a place well away from your front door stops them trying to find your keys and gaining access.
  5. Lock your doors every time you leave the house. Burglars are opportunist by nature and take any chance to enter your property. If you’re doing your front garden, make sure that all external doors are locked.

JR Security Devices, 29 August 2017.