How to Avoid a Home Hack Attack

Do you have, or wish to purchase, any digital security systems?

Read this useful guide on avoiding a hack attack

Hack attack image by Sergey Nivens (via Shutterstock).

Hack Attack: your home could be subject to security alerts if your digital security system is compromised. Image by Sergey Nivens (via Shutterstock).

Hack attacks have been in the news lately, especially with the cyber attack affecting NHS computer systems. Today, Microsoft have stated how the ransomware attack was a ‘wake up call’. Not only a wake up call for obsolescent Windows XP computer systems, but anything that uses the internet. If you have a home security system, lax security could have your home at the mercy of a hack attack.

If compromised by a security alert, your home could be a honeypot for burglars. Hackers could hack their way into your Internet of Things security system, if your password is ‘password’ or ‘123456’. With recent events, internet security begins at home. Hence our useful guide to avoiding a home hack attack.

1. Don’t skimp on your brands

You could be tempted by a cheap system but, in home security, you get what you pay for. The cheapest system could have fewer security features than a market leading one. Go for one by an established company like Yale or ADT. Most importantly, read the reviews.

2. Keep your software up-to-date

As the UK Government has found to their cost this weekend, always keep your software system up to date, especially with smart locks. Older software versions may be more prone to a hack attack than later updates with additional software patches.

3. Make sure your home security system is robust

Physically, as well as internally, your home security should be robust. Make sure the system is hard to remove and dislodge by external force.

4. Strong passwords matter

One of the easiest ways to avert a hack attack lies in your choice of password. Think of a complex yet memorable (to yourself) password with a mix of upper and lower case text, numbers, and punctuation symbols. Make sure that both your WiFi router and internet-based security system are password protected.

5. Install a firewall

Consider installing a firewall on your home network and, every so often, update your device’s default names.

JR Security Devices, 15 May 2017.