Why it Takes 12 Minutes to Rob Your Home

How 12 minutes could change the shape of your home for all the wrong reasons

In 12 minutes, you could make a brew and finish off your cuppa. You could watch a YouTube clip or two in that time.

In eight to twelve minutes, a burglary could take place. According to this infographic by eSafe (from November 2014), you and your home could be stripped of its worldly goods in no time at all. As 34% of burglars tend to use the front door (compared with 22% using the back door), this is why it pays to beef up your home security. This is where we come in with our range of secure locking systems.

Another thing we have learned is the fact that burglars use social media sites. Though they wouldn’t post under the alias of Rob Bery or Ian Truder (or have a bag marked ‘swag’ on their profile picture), they can choose their targets via Facebook. They can find out who’s on holiday, or who has bought a 50” flat screen TV this week. According to the infographic, 78% of intruders admitted to plotting their targets via social media.

The most obvious advice for that is, be careful what you post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. (We could elaborate on this in a future blog post). 12 seconds thoughtlessness could trigger 12 minutes of sheer misery.

What’s equally interesting is that few burglars break into the kitchen. Therefore, the kitchen is probably your best place to store important documents.

Of no surprise is the fact that July and August are the worst months for burglary rates. This, particularly in the Northern Hemisphere, is a popular time for taking holidays. Why not get a trusted family member to look after your house? This could save you from the worst 12 minutes of your life as well as beefing up your home security.

And Finally…

Here’s eSafe’s infographic. Reading this post could be the best 12 minutes you may have spent.

12 minutes to rob your house - Home Security Tips

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JR Security Devices, 28 October 2016.